Counseling • Biofeedback

Welcome to my new blog! Until recently, I used Online Taichi to inform those interested about my location and services. On that blog I talked about being a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Biofeedback Therapist and a student/teacher of T’ai Chi Chuan. I want to separate Counseling and Biofeedback from Taichi so I began this blog to discuss Counseling and Biofeedback and I started Eureka Taichi to discuss Taichi.

This change came about because the aspect of Taichi I now want to promote is the martial aspect. Taichi most frequently is taught as a sophisticated exercise for health and longevity and despite my interest in Taichi as a fighting art I mainly studied and taught Taichi for health. For several years now I have studied with a great teacher who trains using Taichi as a martial art. Since this is an aspect of Taichi that is not widely known I felt it deserved its own site.

I have very much enjoyed Taichi and Qigong for health and what it has taught me about healing and I continue to use what I have learned in my practice, particularly when I use biofeedback. Taichi teaches a high level of physical awareness, physiological control and relaxation skills which is complementary to biofeedback therapy. When combined together, I can be very effective in helping people with chronic muscular pain such as headaches, back pain, bruxing, neck and shoulder pain, irritable bowel syndrome and other functional illnesses. And when combined with cognitive/behavioral counseling biofeedback is also extremely helpful in treating generalized anxiety and panic attacks.